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3ET At ICE Conference

For the last 14 months, Xanadu has been working on developing a very exciting product for our client, which has now been unveiled.  The product labelled ‘3ET’ was launched to the public at the annual ICE conference in London held from 2nd to 4th February this year.

The 3et Sportsbook has been designed from the ground up to deliver the most advanced sports betting experience in the world. The betting platform which promises to deliver the best odds, due to the continuous, automated analysis of global market data, the highest publicly available betting limits using 3ET’s proprietary risk management engine, and all of this with no restrictions to the markets no matter how successful you are on the site. This is presented to the customer within an intuitive and dynamic interface which results in a user experience that affirms 3ET’s most powerful claim: you will never need another sportsbook.

Xanadu are extremely proud and excited to have developed this product for our client and to see that it’s launch at ICE was so successful.

Click here to request an invite to sign up to 3ET.



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