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The Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie as signed a bill that allows online gambling within the states borders. The motive behind this is that he hopes that it will improve the states revenues and revive Atlantic City casinos. This move will legalize Internet gaming to 9 million residents within New Jersey. This will also create opportunities for European firms with expertise in online gaming operations.

New Jersey is now the 3rd State to allow online betting, the first two being Delaware and Nevada.

The New Jersey state could now see a large increase in state casino revenue due to legalizing online gaming. It is estimated $436 million in fiscal 2014 from $235 million this fiscal year, which ends June 30, according to budget documents.


In recent years revenue from Asia has  overtaken North America, driven mostly by the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau. This is now the world’s top gambling destination.

Macau has had a big impact on the increase in global gaming revenues according to Lorien Pilling, research director at Isle of Man based Global Betting & Gaming Consultants. It is predicted that the gambling revenue will rise to USD$ 500 billion worldwide by 2015, up from a record USD$ 419 billion in 2011.

Apart from Macau, there as been casinos opened recently in Singapore and Cambodia, while another is scheduled to open in the Philippines in March 2013. Now other countries in Asia are seeing how successful these ‘gambling cities’ have become and are considering setting up similar resorts themselves. These countries include Japan and South Korea. They feel that opening a casino resort will help them boost employment as well as tax revenues.

Las Vegas Sands, MGM and Wynn Resorts have setup in Asia due to the fast economic and population growth. Sands, the world’s largest gaming company, leads the group with a best-possible 99 Composite Rating. Revenue has increased for two straight quarters, going from a 10% increase to gains of 12% and 21%.


The stock has fallen below a 54.03 buy point of a large cup-with-handle base, though volume on the pullback has been weak. Sands still boasts an A- Accumulation/Distribution Rating, indicating strong demand for the shares. Sands now gets 80 per cent of its sales from Asia and they are expanding there Sands Cotai casino in Macau in the near future. Apart from the Macau casino, Sands also as a presents in Singapore.

Casino shares wobbled on the 6th of February due to a report that China plans to get strict on shady tour operators who bring gamblers from the mainland to Macau. But overall it can be said that Gambling is a thriving industry around the world and is going from strength to strength in emerging Asian markets.

The Internet as come along way from the days when it was just a series of unlinked documents. Now days the user experience plays a huge part in the way we create our online information. To make the user experience smooth we need to focus more on client side development. The new generation of frameworks, libraries and training make this much more approachable. One of the popular libraries for client side development is Backbone.js. This is getting more popular because it is light as it only relies on Underscore.js.

Backbone provides the base for assembling client side applications. It is designed for developing single page web applications. It consists of:

  • - Models are used to store an application’s data. Apart from this they used to handle sending data to and from the server.
  • - Views map to user interface elements. Views render markup based on models, and connect event handlers to document events.

Backbone’s router is used to trigger & handle client side routing. Putting these basic elements together we can assemble complex applications in a productive manner.

Backbone is very useful for many reasons, one of the most important reasons is the ability to bind one data object to multiple user interface components. When the underlying data model is changed each of the views is automatically updated to reflect those changes. Due to this, the user experience is far superior to before.

Xanadu Consultancy continues to grow in 2013. Last year Xanadu hired 30 new people to the team to bring the total amount of staff close to 50 people. We have attract people of really high skill set to the team and they continue to learn new cutting edge skills while working in this fast paced environment.

Due to our interest in local employment as well as attracting the very best people from around the globe we have made a pledge to Hireland that we will continue to hire in 2013.

If you are interested in joining the team you can visit our careers page. You can also view our presents on Hireland from the Cork page:

The Internet Backbone is becoming more and more important due to the large traffic relying on the global network throughout the world. By Backbone, I mean the main data routes between large, strategically interconnected networks on the Internet. As we know Internet usage is rapidly growing year on year. An example of this is Ireland, 78% of the population now use the internet. Due to this rapid growth, the requirements have come a long way since the first high-speed backbone in 1987 setup by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This was called the NSFNET, it was a T1 line that connected 170 smaller networks together and operated at 1.544 Mbps.

Internet Backbone - from the

IBM, Merit and MCI worked with NSF to create the backbone and developed a T3 (45 Mbps) backbone only one year later.

The Internet Backbone as come a long way since the 80′s and now, there are many companies operating their own high speed backbones.

Apart from private companies, Internet service providers often participate in Internet backbone exchange traffic by privately negotiated interconnection agreements, primarily governed by the principle of settlement-free peering. So basically, the Internet backbone is made up of multiple networks owned by a vast amount of companies. A typical type of cable used for this is a fiber optic trunk line. A trunk line consists of many fiber optic cables bundled together. If there is ever a failure in any part of the line the backbone is able to redirect traffic. Fiber optic cables are used because they allow for fast data speeds and large bandwidth. This is important due to the large increase in Internet use as mentioned earlier.

We look forward to exciting times regarding the Internet Backbone in the next few years, and we at Xanadu expect ourselves and our clients to be a big of that!

We are glad to say that in the near future we will be providing hosting! We feel this will be very helpful for our customers as we will now be able to provide them with all of their online needs from Hosting to Development. We will be providing many packages with different variations of Disk Space, Monthly Transfers and Domain space available.

We have recently released a new and improved version of the Matchbook iPhone app. This time with additional content pages and improved geo location usage! One of the great enhancements about this version is the geo location feature uses even less battery.

We feel it is well worth your while to checkout this free app on the App Store. It can be found by following this link: Matchbook iPhone App

The need to launder illicit funds is an ongoing problem for criminals. With electronic monetary transactions dominating the day-to-day functioning of the financial system, criminals are inventing increasingly sophisticated means of hiding money that’s why being ahead of the game is important in this industry.

There is an almost overwhelming wealth of information about money laundering, financial crime and related compliance issues.  Keeping up with developments around the world is a full-time job in order to protect our reputation and our clients; we are proactively looking to recent developments in the AML/CFT regime in our jurisdiction as well as other leading jurisdictions.

Dave Crennell Fraud Prevention & Payments Manager

We recently launched a new mobile platform for our client’s website Matchbook, the new mobile application is available to the European market at the moment.

The creation of the mobile application has generated extra revenue for our client as their customers can now access their accounts and place bets from anywhere. The Beta version can be viewed at the following address


Xanadu Consultancy recently added a feature to one of our clients website that allows their customers when setting up their accounts to choose a different currency other than USD, players who joined the company were previously limited to holding accounts in USD but now enjoy a range of currencies to choose from such as EUR, GBP, CDN, HKD in addition to USD.

We were really excited about adding this feature as it solidified our client’s global presence in the online gaming industry adding this feature generated new membership for our client while also retaining their original customers.

Our team are currently working on a range of software systems that will be cutting edge and will change our client’s presence in the online gambling market. The team are eager and are working hard to release these systems to our clients in the near future.