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How we work


Xanadu Consultancy uses an Agile methodology for our development process , the adoption of which effectively encourages and enables our software development team to plan for change and rapidly develop and deliver software solutions incrementally, giving both the client and us an accurate measure of the project progress.

This methodology allows for changes to be made by the client to their requirement specifications, even late into the development of the project. It allows for swift and flexible response to change and promotes a time-boxed iterative approach where the team allocates a fixed period of time per activity and allows our software development team to maintain a constant pace for development.

In addition, it facilitates co-operation between our business department, IT support team and developers. As a result our software development team are made up of highly motivated individuals who continuously place due attention to technical excellence and sound design. 

Agile development



Here at Xanadu we focus on managing software projects using a software development method called SCRUM. Detailed descriptions of how everything is to be done are not given to the software development team, so it is left to the team to solve the problems that are presented to them, giving them the freedom to decide as a whole how to best approach the problem. For this reason, we understand the importance of training on the scrum process, thus ensuring the whole team is equipped to provide software solutions for all of our clients.

The scrum process relies on self organising, cross functional teams and requires the development team to have excellent communication between all members to effectively take a feature from idea to implementation.

The team splits the project into a series of consecutive iterations known as ‘sprints’ which collectively make up the product backlog, with each sprint being allocated a period of time for completion. During each sprint the team takes a small feature or set of features from conception to production.