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Job: AML/KYC Analyst

Title AML/KYC Analyst
Location Cork
Job Information

AML/KYC Analyst

The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) team maintain the integrity of the business by protecting against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. By utilising detection and customer profiling reports the AML team undertakes in-depth analyse of customer behaviour and activity to promptly identify scenarios of business risk. The AML team will work closely with the Anti-Money laundering reporting officer (MLRO) to analyse alerts and suspicions to reduce the potential risks to the business.  The AML/KYC analyst will carry out and document detailed reviews and analysis of individual customer accounts in order to identify potential money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

  • Key Responsibilities:
  • Generate reporting and undertake in-depth transactional and behavioural reviews on customer accounts
  • Utilise a suite of analytical tools with the addition of publically available information to build a detailed customer profile
  • Diligently note all customer transactional data, known information and potential risks in an Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Document
  • Review customer hits and screen the politically exposed and sanctions database to assess potential risks, and in turn accordingly log and escalate any instances.
  • Make informed and prompt decisions on customer behaviour and transactional assessments to mitigate potential risk
  • Assist in the application of procedures to identify suspect behaviour and continually improve these procedures to reduce the risk of AML/CTF
  • Knowledge share with internal departments to build a complete picture of information and activity
  • Liaising with our finance team to ensure our VIP clients are funded in a prompt manner
  • Monitoring live transactions for any chargeback risk

Business Expertise -

  • Good understanding of Fraud/AML/CTF detection procedures
  • Good understanding of risk detection systems
  • Knowledge of compliance related regulation and changes
  • Knowledge of banking, payments or e-gaming industries is important
  • Knowledge of sports betting is an advantage

Business Impact -

  • The AML investigators are the business’s first line of defence against money laundering and terrorist financing. It is crucial for the investigators to be vigilant in their actions and ensure that potential risk are raised in a prompt manner to mitigate any associated risk
  • The AML investigators must be able to undertake detailed analysis of customers’ accounts and make decisions using the available information and data in order to reduce or remove risk

Complexity -

  • Detailed analysis of business and publically available information is essential. The AML/KYC Analyst must be able to digest and assimilate the information in a concise manner, and determine the associated risk.
  • The AML/KYC Analyst will be expected to work as part of a team and on his/her own on projects to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of team processes.
  • Strong initiative and ability to resolve issues without referring to the manager.

Technical Requirements:

  • Strong data and information analysis through system and report utilisation
  • The ability to promptly determine the potential impact of presented scenarios
  • The ability to communicate risks in a simplified and concise manner
  • Intermediate Excel skills
  • Good understanding of technical systems
  • Accuracy and amazing attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a cohesive and collaborative team
  • Ability to multitask

Education, Qualifications & Experience required:

  • Previous experience working to detect, prevent and mitigate the risks of either fraud, money laundering or terrorist financing
  • Knowledge of the payments, banking or e-gaming industry important
  • An AML/Compliance specific qualification, beneficial but not essential
  • Experience working in a data sensitive environment
  • Experience using risk detection systems
  • Intermediate to advanced excel skills
  • SQL experience would be an advantage
  • A second language would be advantageous
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