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What we do

At Xanadu Consultancy we have a strong development team building solutions using the latest and best techniques and technologies. Our customers require a range of high throughput, low latency systems that process millions of transactions and large volumes of Big Data. We use a variety of modern open source enterprise technologies such as Spring, Hibernate and messaging as well as REST and SOAP. We continually research and incorporate cutting edge architectures and designs using distributed grid computing and techniques such as CQRS. We are keenly focussed on performance optimisation and building highly concurrent, scalable software products that enable our customers to grow their businesses.

Java Development

At Xanadu Consultancy we have an extremely strong development team that develops systems using Java. This is necessary for the development of cutting edge IT systems, which are key to high performance in today’s business world.
We use a vast variety of technologies when building products for our clients; this includes extensive use of open source technologies in our software development projects, in order to formulate the best and most cost effective solutions for our customers.

QA and Testing Services

At Xanadu Consultancy we have a strong software testing team that are experienced in conducting rigorous testing of software. Our team considers all aspects of testing, including performance testing and user acceptance testing.

Information Management

Xanadu Consultancy gives companies the ability to turn information into action by driving IT-enabled business views. Using common, big data repositories, advanced data analytic tools and machine learning, Xanadu can mine information and trends from large amounts of data and provide automated solutions across business domains.

IT Service Excellence

With our innovative software solutions, Xanadu Consultancy helps clients identify, design and improve IT-based systems that assist our clients in achieving their individual goals as an online gaming company.


Marketing is the conduit we use to inform our world about the products we build. Our marketing team is heavily integrated with our IT and software-based personnel to ensure each development within Xanadu can be communicated effectively to a global audience. We operate across a variety of channels, optimising the outputs whether it’s online marketing, offline brand executions or external PR activities. We provide full lifecycle, user-centered design services, enabling us to deliver best in class, next generation, multi-platform user experience solutions.

Data Analytics

Xanadu Consultancy gives companies the ability to turn vast volumes of information into actionable insights. Our data scientists take both structured and unstructured raw data and extract key insights to help make informed business decisions. Our teams use the best data science tools for predictive analytics and data-mining. Data is extracted from relational and NoSQL databases and key business indicators are displayed using gold standard business intelligence solutions. Using technology such as Spring XD we can also provide technology solutions to deliver real-time predictive analytics for our clients.


We have proactive software and hardware systems that help protect against threats and also enable the adoption of new technologies.

Data Centre

Xanadu Consultancy provides data centre solutions and services that help online gaming businesses optimise the delivery of Information Technology.





What Our Clients Are Saying

Xanadu’s experience in building online gambling platforms of quality design, complemented by their high standards in client service, has enabled us to continually improve our profits and our customer experience.

Over all I just want to thank Xanadu for the outstanding service provided to us during the creation of our Sports Book. The staff showed professionalism and courtesy beyond typical customer service.

Triple Bet

Great to work with! We were amazed by the company’s expertise in the gaming industry.

AJP Sports