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Xanadu’s partnership deal with CNGL agreed

Xanadu Consultancy teams up with CNGL to create 5 jobs in our Cork Office

We have recently established a new partnership with the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) which will result in strategic innovation projects over the next year and a half. This partnership will create five new highly-skilled jobs in Cork.

CNGL which is funded by Science Foundation Ireland is an academia-industry research centre dedicated to delivering innovations in digital intelligent content.

Xanadu and CNGL will engage in the projects with a view to bring viable products in the area of global content services to market. As part of the collaboration we will be creating the five jobs within our research and development team in Cork. “Xanadu has grown from 10 employees to 42 in the last 18 months and we’re confident the creation of a research and development team and partnership with CNGL will drive further growth over the next 18 months,” said Mark Brosnan, CTO of Xanadu Consultancy.

“We are thrilled to have signed this deal which allows us to leverage our software development expertise, domain knowledge and resources with CNGL’s proven track record of innovation and global content delivery in this sector.”

Prof Vincent Wade, director of CNGL, Trinity College Dublin, said CNGL works closely with industry to convert research innovations into marketable business solutions.

“CNGL research is focused on ‘Global Intelligent Content’ with ground-breaking research in the areas of content analysis, search, personalisation and interaction,” Wade said. “Our partnership with Xanadu will focus on the development of advanced content technologies for dynamic content analysis, multilingual search, machine translation, personalisation and multimodal interaction across global markets. We’re confident that this collaboration will enable Xanadu to continue on its strong growth trajectory and deliver additional jobs for Ireland,” Wade added.

As a result of this excellent partnership you may have questions, if so we would be pleased to hear from you.


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